each guest is unique

Tailor made services

Welcome to our world of luxury and tailor-made services. When it comes to truly immersing into a destination through the essence of Vora, the difference is often in the details. Hospitality extends to offering experiences that are authentic and unique to each guest, so our efficient team is here to assist you and share insider tips to make your holiday extraordinary.

on the edge of

the caldera

Hospitality Experience

Luxury & Elegance

Revel in a new standard of luxury and elegance that characterizes each and every villa of Vora. The villas are perched above or below the ground level, acceding to the utmost level of privacy, while embracing the openness of the sea, sky, and unrivalled view of the property’s expanse, surrounding landscape and the infinity of the alluring deep blue ocean. In Vora every moment you spend will be nothing short of remarkable!

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